Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

What we do

PALS is a free and confidential service for patients, their relatives, carers, and friends. We are committed to providing the best quality care in a friendly, pleasant and professional environment. Sometimes, however, things go wrong, and should that happen, PALS aim to help with any concerns you may have.

If you, or someone on your behalf, has questions or is unhappy with the care you receive, we ask that in the first instance, you talk directly to the staff involved in your treatment and care. Often problems can be resolved straight away. 

If you do not feel able to raise your concerns directly with the staff on the ward or department where you are receiving treatment, or you do not know who to speak to, you can contact PALS. 

We are here 

  • To listen to your comments, compliments and suggestions about our services
  • Provide confidential advice and support to resolve problems as they arise
  • Liaise with staff, clinics, and wards on your behalf
  • Offer information on how to raise a complaint

Who can use us?

PALS can be used by patients, relatives, carers and visitors. Patients can ask a friend or relative to speak on their behalf, but we must have permission of the patient before we can discuss any personal circumstances with anyone else.

How do we work?

PALS is a non-clinical point of contact within the hospital for any patients, relatives, carers, or visitors requiring advice or assistance in relation to services provided by our Trust. We are here to provide information in response to queries, and to ensure concerns and problems are resolved as quickly as possible by the relevant department or service within our hospitals. 

We aim to resolve concerns within ten working days, but some things may take longer for us to deal with. Should we encounter a delay we will keep you informed of the progress.

Please note:

  • PALS cannot give medical advice or information and cannot influence or bring forward treatment
  • PALS do not work weekends or bank holidays. Any emails, messages or webforms recieved on a weekend or bank holiday will be reviewed the next working day and contact made as soon as possible.
  • Raising a concern will not affect the care or treatment that you, or the cared for person receives. Concerns, feedback, and compliments received are used to improve the hospital services we provide.

Often, questions, problems, and concerns can be addressed straight away, and we want you to feel confident about raising any issues or concerns to enable us to put things right and ensure you have confidence in the care that you are receiving.

Contact us


Raise your query or concern via our online form


By telephone (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

01708 435 454.

If we can't resolve your concern

PALS will try to resolve your concerns without the need for you to make a formal complaint. If you remain unhappy after contacting PALS, you can make a formal complaint. Using PALS does not mean it excludes you from making a formal complaint if you remain unhappy or have further concerns.

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Was this page useful?