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If you want a quick snack, to take five and have a relaxing cuppa, or fancy some lunch, we’ve got everything you need. 

Costa Coffee

You can find Costa Coffee in the main atria of both King George and Queen’s hospitals:

  • King George Hospital, open weekdays from 7am to 9.30pm, and 9am to 7.30pm on weekends
  • Queen’s Hospital, open weekdays from 6.30am to 11pm weekdays, and 7am to 10pm weekends


Visit our restaurants on the first floor at King George Hospital and in the main atrium at Queen’s Hospital, serving hot and cold food and drinks.

  • King George Hospital, open daily from 7am to 7.30pm
  • Queen’s Hospital, open daily from 7am to 11pm

Convenience stores

If you need a gift or a light snack, pop into one of our convenience stores.

  • King George Hospital, League of Friends, open from 8.30am to 5pm weekdays and 1pm to 5pm weekends. As the shop is staffed by volunteers, opening times may vary
  • Queen’s Hospital, Go Shop, open from 7am to 8pm

Fruit stall

Visit our stall outside the main entrance at Queen’s Hospital to grab some healthy snacks for your friends and family or to take home with you.

Vending machines

We have vending machines dotted around our hospitals for a quick snack or drink on the go.

Cash machines

We have cash machines in the atria of both hospitals. There is also a machine located outside the main entrance at Queen’s Hospital.

Baby feeding

You are welcome to feed you baby wherever you are in our hospitals. If you’d prefer a more private area to breastfeed, our baby feeding areas are located as below:

  • King George Hospital – in the children’s Outpatient department with the baby changing facilities. More baby changing rooms are located in the Emergency Department and in main Outpatients
  • Queen’s Hospital – just off the main atrium, near the Pharmacy. Baby changing facilities can also be found near the toilets in the main atrium, in the Emergency Department and on the first floor of the Atrium, near the lifts


Free WiFi

Browse the internet, manage emails, and use social media.

How to access our free WiFi:

1) Go to your WiFi settings and connect to 'NHS Wi-Fi' 

2) Open your internet browser

3) Read the terms of use and then click the button to accept and connect 

Premium WiFi 

Browse the internet, manage emails, use social media, stream audio and video, trasnfer large fils and use VPN. 

1) Go to your WiFi settings and connect to 'NHS Premium WiFi' 

2) Open your internet browser

3) Select 'buy time' and choose a tarrif to create an account:

WI-FI charges
Duration Cost
1 day  £5
1 week £10
1 month £20
3 months  £40
6 months  £80
1 year  £160

If you have any difficulties setting up your device to use our WiFi, please contact WifiSpark’s help desk on 0344 848 9555. Our staff are unable to support you with setup.

Taxi free-phone

Use our free phone to call local taxi companies.

King George Hospital:

  • Emergency Department main reception
  • Main atrium
  • Antenatal lobby

Queen’s Hospital:

  • Emergency Department main reception
  • Main atrium
  • Haematology and Oncology lobby

Recycling and green travel information

Our Trust is committed to sustainability, and to reducing our impact and carbon emissions on the surrounding environment. To support this, we have the following facilities in place:

  • Mixed recycling bins with clear bags
  • A battery recycling bin by reception desks in both hospitals
  • Green Machine – the reverse vending machine for recycling plastic bottles and drinks cans
  • Live bus information on large screens in the atria at both hospitals
  • Additional, travel information in our communications corner
  • Cycle parking facilities for our visitors
  • Healthy Hikes – dedicated walking routes around our hospital sites

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Was this page useful?