visitors coming through Queen's Hospital's main reception

Visiting our hospitals during coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have introduced new visitor restrictions, in line with guidance from NHS England. Visiting at both Queen’s and King George hospitals is suspended until further notice. 

Exceptional circumstances will only apply to allow one visitor - an immediate family member or carer – to visit if:

  • the patient you wish to visit is receiving end-of-life care
  • You are the birthing partner accompanying a woman in labour
  • You are a parent or appropriate adult visiting your child

Our ward managers will ensure all patients have a named relative and allocate a time for people to call to keep in touch on a daily basis. These measures will help us to protect our patients, including those with Covid-19, and those with other conditions. We will keep these changes under review and they will remain in place until further notice.

Please do respect our staff who are working hard to keep our patients safe and our services running at this time. Please remember not to come to our hospital if you have a cough, cold, flu-like symptoms or any infectious illness like diarrhoea and vomiting.

Leaving property for patients during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Relatives, friends or, carers who want to bring property for patients to the hospitals must complete a pro-forma, which you can download below (pdf format)

Download our COVID-19 Property Form [pdf] 125KB

The property should be brought together with the completed pro-forma to either of our hospitals where the patient is located and handed over at the soft lockdown information desk at the main entrances. They will then be given the slip on the pro-forma as receipt.

We accept no responsibility for any property handed to staff. It is important that serial numbers are documented for electronic items (iPads/tablets and mobile phones). Due to potential staff shortages, there may be times when we are not able to accommodate delivery of property.