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Visiting our clinics

Your GP will sometimes refer you to us as an outpatient for further consultation, tests or scans, and specialist treatments.

Your appointment letter will include all the important details, like date, time, and which hospital and clinic you’ll be seen in – so keep it in a safe place.

Waiting times

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to longer waiting times for patients across the NHS. We are working hard to see patients as quickly as possible, however, this does mean most people will experience a longer wait than usual.

If your GP has referred you to our services, please rest assured that we have received this and you are on our waiting list. We will contact you once we have arranged your appointment, you do not need to contact us.

Our Appointments Centre is currently experiencing a high volume of calls. If you are waiting for an appointment after needing to rebook, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

You can also change your appointment online or by replying to the text you receive seven days before your appointment if you can no longer make it.


More information about your appointment

Referral to Treatment (RTT) – your rights

If you’re referred to us by your GP or healthcare professional, we’ll aim to start your treatment within 18 weeks of the referral being made.

The 18 weeks starts the moment we receive your referral, to the time your treatment starts, including any test you need.

Sometimes, you’ll start your treatment after 18 weeks because:

  • we need to monitor you and your condition
  • you choose to wait longer than 18 weeks.

More information about RTT

Outpatient standards

Before your appointment

We will offer you a choice on where and how we deliver your care whenever possible.  Before clinic we will supply an outpatients leaflet on your first appointment giving you clear information about your appointment and what to expect.

Your clinic appointment will not be cancelled at less than 6 weeks’ notice except in exceptional circumstances.  In the event of a cancellation we will rebook your appointment within 3 weeks for a new appointment and within 6 weeks for a follow up appointment

During your appointment

We will be professional in our delivery of your care and ask that you are courteous and respectful towards our staff. 

We aim to see you in the most appropriate clinic according to your medical needs.  Our staff will be present throughout your visit to assist with your care; we will welcome you to a clean and friendly environment and will listen and plan your care with you.    

We aim to see you within your scheduled time and will keep you informed of any clinic changes.  You can request a copy of your clinic letter

After your appointment

A clinic letter will be sent to those involved in your care.  To improve patient experience any form of feedback will be appreciated

Free text messaging reminder service

You will be receiving an appointment reminder either by text or by calling your home number. You will also be able to tell us if you are unable to make it.
A missed appointment may result in your being referred back to your G.P. If you wish to opt out of this service please inform the receptionist or respond to a reminder with ‘STOP’.

Your text message will read:

We’re expecting you at [name of hospital] on [date/time] for an appointment. Please reply ‘YES’, ‘REBOOK’ or ‘CANCEL’ if the appointment is no longer needed.

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