Help with communicating during your visit

sign language

Accessible Information

Accessible information is information that is easy to understand . This may be different from person to person, there is no one size fits all as people often have different needs.

we have a number of ways we can support you if you have an additional communication need.

Accessible Information Standard

The accessible information standard aims to ensure that people who have a sensory loss, impairment or disability are given information they can easily read or understand.

NHS England have produced an easy to use guide with  more information about the accessible information standard

If your first language isn't English

If your first langauge isn't English, we have telephone interpreters on hand. If we need extra help communicating with each other, you can request a face-to-face interpreter through the service who are caring for you.

Send us an email if you have any questions.

Support for people with learning disabilities

We can offer you lots of support if you have a learning disability. We have dedicated nurses for children and adults with learning disabilities who can help you during your visit.

To find out more, visit our learning disabilities section