Help for people with learning disabilities and Autism

The Learning Disabilities and Autism Team

Learning Disabilities and Autism team

We’re here to support patients with Learning Disabilities and/or Autism and their care networks, before, during and after their hospital visit or appointment.

Our aim

To work with staff at our hospitals to support the delivery of safe and equitable healthcare for patients with learning disabilities

What we do

  • Support patients with learning disabilities during hospital visits or stays
  • Listen to, respect, and involve families and carers
  • Help patients with learning disabilities understand their healthcare and treatment
  • Promote the use of Hospital Passports
  • Ensure learning disability alerts are in place
  • Ensure hospital staff are aware of the individual needs of patients with learning disabilities
  • Check consent and mental capacity issues are considered
  • Check reasonable adjustments are made
  • Provide learning disability awareness training to hospital staff
  • Promote the use of easy-read information and Hospital Communication Books

BHRUT child to adult transition

Transition Conference 2021

Contact Us

Do you have a learning disability and need support during your visit to hospital? Contact the Learning Disability Liaison Nurse Team on:

Telephone: 01708 435000 - Ext 5719


Where we are

King George Hospital and Queen's Hospital Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals Trust has two hospital sites:

King George Hospital in Goodmayes


Queen's Hospital in Romford

We have a learning disability liaison nurse team

Heather and Alison, Learning disabilities team You can contact us on 01708 435 000, extension 5719.

Our working hours

Heather works Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

9am to 5pm

Easy read information

easy health logo link to website

The easyhealth website has lots of health information that is easy to understand

Click here to visit the easyhealth website

2021 Transition Conference from child to adult

2021 Transition Conference from child to adult 

Consent and decision making for 16 years and above with a learning disability: decision making video

BHRUT Transition Conference 2021: transition conference video

Tell us if you have a learning disability

warning sign We need to know if someone has a learning disability and can put this on the hospital computer system.

If you would like to have your name on the hospital computer alert system you can

Tell the staff when you arrive at the hospital


Tell the Learning Disability Liaison Nurse Team

We have a Lead Nurse for Learning Disabilities and Autism

Heather, learning disabilities nurse for adults His name is Tim Buck, 01708 435 000 Ext 5050.

We have a Learning Disability and Autism Nurse for Adults

Alison, learning disabilities nurse for children Her Name is Abisola Abe

Telephone 01708 435 000 Ext 5041

We have a Learning Disability and Autism Nurse for Children

Mary Jean Hickey Her Name is Mary Jean Hickey

Telephone: 01708 435000 Ext 5047

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