After your appointment

Once you’re happy you understand everything, we’ll let you know if we need to:

  • do any further tests
  • see you again in clinic at a later date
  • start your treatment.

If we need to arrange another appointment or test, your lead clinician will tell you. They’ll either ask you to arrange a new appointment with the reception desk or you’ll have a new date sent to you in the post.

Medication and prescriptions

Your doctor may give you a new prescription, which means they may ask you to stop taking one type of medication and start taking another.

  • at King George Hospital, we’ll give you a green prescription slip which can be used anywhere
  • at Queen’s Hospital, we’ll give you a white prescription slips which can only be used at our pharmacy in the main atrium.

It’s important you follow the instructions, so if you have any questions your local pharmacist will be happy to help.

Was this page useful?

Was this page useful?