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In recent weeks, as part of our response to Covid-19, we’ve transformed our services, including converting thousands of face-to-face appointments to virtual ones. Most of these were held over the phone and were extremely well received by our patients.

Therefore, we’re now excited to be joining other NHS trust by introducing NHS Attend Anywhere, supported by NHS England and NHS Improvement. This enables our clinicians to conduct video link consultations with patients.

As well as being able to see you via the video link, clinicians can share their screens with you to show you any x-rays, scans or other documents you need to see. Being able to see your range of movement will also help them to identify any sources of pain.

How does it work?

The decision on whether to offer you this type of appointment will be made by the consultant looking after you, and will be based on your individual needs. Your appointment would be scheduled as normal and you’ll receive a letter to confirm the date and time, this will also include a web link for your virtual appointment.

Attend Anywhere is a secure web-based platform which you can use on any PC, Mac, or iOS/ Android device (such as your smartphone/iPad or tablet). You’ll need to ensure you have a web camera, speakers and a microphone, which are usually built into laptops and mobile devices.

Make sure you test your equipment ahead of your appointment; you can do this by viewing the relevant clinic link that your appointment is for below and undertaking a test call by clicking the test call option.

Your personal details will be safe, you do not need to create an account and your personal information is not stored.

Preparing for my appointment

You will need to ensure that you have access to one of the following web browsers and a good connection to the internet:

  • Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop, Android tablet or smartphone
  • Safari on an Apple iMac, MacBook, iPad or iPhone.

Access your appointment

  1. Ensure you are in a private, well-lit area so you are not disturbed during your consultation.
  2. Follow the URL link which we have provided for your appointment. You’ll be able to enter your clinic via the ‘start video call’ button. It’s a good idea to do this a few minutes early.
  3. Once you have completed some checks, you’ll be taken to a ‘virtual waiting room’ before being ‘called in’ to see your clinician.

If you have any issues, visit the NHS Attend Anywhere troubleshooting page. If you need an interpreter, they will be able to join you and we will ensure they have all the necessary details to be able to join the consultation. If there are problems with the internet, the clinics can easily convert to the phone to complete your consultation. 

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Was this page useful?