The PRIDE Way is the way we do things here. It’s about our frontline teams having the power to make improvements to the care we give to our patients and the ability to influence improvement. From the way we stock our shelves to the way we plan our services – the ideas, experience and expertise of our frontline teams and patients is key to making changes that really work.

Find out what we have been doing to improve patient care in our hospitals - The PRIDE Way, a journey towards improvement

Our strategic approach

Our strategic approach

And as well as being about our culture, we use The PRIDE Way methodology which enables us to review and streamline our processes in a consistent way across our hospitals.

Ultimately it’s all about value. Everything we do has to add value to our patients – not just in the way we spend money, but in our systems, processes and pathways, so they have a great experience from the time they become our patient to the time they leave us.