Reporting on our services: plans, strategies and reports

Throughout the year, we publish plans that set out how we will improve our services. We also provide reports on how we have performed against previous plans.

  • Our annual reports looks back at our successes, finances and priorities from the previous financial year.
  • Our Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports are available to read and download on the CQC's website
  • Our quality accounts review the improvements we have made in the previous financial year and how we will improve our care in the coming year.
  • Our annual goals outlines the areas we’re currently working on, including the delivery of high quality care, becoming an employer of choice, our finances, working in partnership with our healthcare colleagues and our performance.
  • Our annual plan 2024-2025 [pdf] 2MB sets out how we will deliver operational resilience, as well as national and local priorities while delivering high quality care. Alternatively, you can read the annual plan summary 2024-2025 [pdf] 464KB.
  • Our Guardian Service annual report [pdf] 446KB encapsulates our work with an independent organisation to support our Freedom to Speak Up culture and provide a confidential way for staff to raise concerns with someone outside of the Trust.

We also publish data on our performance and finances. A comprehensive list of our publications can be found in a our publication scheme.

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Was this page useful?