Clinical Services Strategy

Clinical Services Strategy

Our Clinical Services Strategy

Thank you for getting involved

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey as phase 1 of our clinical strategy development came to a close.

In May we began work on developing our clinical strategy – a plan that details what our hospitals will look like in years to come, so we can continue to provide high quality care for the people we serve.

Since our last strategy was published in 2016, there has been growing demands and increasing pressure on both our hospitals. We also know the population is increasing – a trend that will continue – so it’s vital we make sure we use our resources effectively to design and deliver services that will meet these challenges and the changing needs of our patients in a clinically safe and sustainable way.

This work is being led by our clinicians and staff, and we are also working with our partners such as GPs and local authorities, so we can ensure our patients are treated by the right person, in the right place, at the right time – whether that’s in a hospital or not.

And as well as working with our health partners, we wanted to hear from you on our priorities and objectives, care for change and priority areas of focus. We also asked you to share your feedback on our evaluation criteria. You can read more below.

We are now moving onto phase two and will continue to keep you updated and involved. Thank you once again for helping to shape our services.

PHASE 1 - complete

We have now completed phase 1. Our aim was to collect a wide range of views and evidence to get a complete picture of our services and understand the things likely to change over the coming years.

We collected data and information to develop a set of ‘fact packs’, which fully detail the current status of all our services. We did this through a series of interviews, workshops and surveys with staff and partners such as GPs and NELFT.

From this, we have developed the following, which we shared for your feedback:


We are now entering phase 2, during which, we will look at developing a list of possible options for delivering care in a way that ensures we are able to meet the changing needs of our patients for the coming years.

There will be some options which we will not consider including, for example we are keeping a Type 1 Emergency Department at both our hospitals, and will not consider changing this.

From the list of possible options, we will eventually end up with a preferred option(s) and produce a draft final strategy.

To help us review each of the possible options we need to create an evaluation criteria – a set of standards that get applied to each option to see if it would work and be of benefit to our patients and the care we provide.

Again we wanted to hear your initial thoughts on what the evaluation criteria should include and asked this in our survey.

We will continue to keep you posted on our progress.

Our clinical services strategy

Our Clinical Services Strategy sets out the direction for our clinical services for the future, to help us to achieve our vision of providing outstanding healthcare to our communities, delivered with PRIDE – our values of passion, responsibility, innovation, drive and empowerment.

Below is our current clinical services strategy which was published in December 2016.

Current Clinical Services Strategy

Current Clinical Services Strategy on a page