Clinical Services Strategy

Clinical Strategy

Our clinical services strategy

Over the last few months we have been reviewing what our hospitals should look like in the future to make sure that all our residents, regardless of where they live, can access high-quality services across both our hospitals. Our plans will then be developed into what we call a clinical strategy.

Many of you have fed into this and helped shape our current thinking.

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Engaging on our emerging ideas: phase 2 complete

A vital element of our work is to hear from the people who use our hospitals and other local health services to understand what matters most to you, and your ideas to make services easier to access and better for patients.

To gather your views we held a listening event in each of our three boroughs, and found them to be incredibly helpful – thank you to everyone who took part.
There were lots of useful conversations about a range of topics, concerns and suggestions, including population increase, the wider healthcare system and how it works together (or doesn’t!), advancements with technology, ED attendances, patient struggles with multiple appointments, and partnership working.

This is following on from our initial survey that we shared with our patients, public, partners, stakeholders and staff to start gathering views on our case for change and our priorities for the strategy (read more in the section below titled ‘Developing our clinical strategy – phase 1’).

Thank you again to everyone who took part and we look forward to sharing our draft proposals with you.

Developing our clinical strategy: phase 1 complete

Since our last strategy was published in 2016, there has been growing demands and increasing pressure on both our hospitals. We also know the population is increasing – a trend that will continue – so it’s vital we make sure we use our resources effectively to design and deliver services that will meet these challenges and the changing needs of our patients in a clinically safe and sustainable way.

The work is being led by our clinicians and staff, and we are also working with our partners such as GPs and local authorities, so we can ensure our patients are treated by the right person, in the right place, at the right time – whether that’s in a hospital or not.

The initial phase of the development of the strategy was to collect a wide range of views and evidence to get a complete picture of our services and understand the things likely to change over the coming years.

We collected data and information to develop a set of ‘fact packs’, which fully detail the current status of all our services. We did this through a series of interviews, workshops and surveys with staff and partners such as GPs and NELFT.

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