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Clinical Strategy

Our clinical services strategy

Have your say on our services at our virtual events

As we continue to take the first steps in refreshing our clinical strategy, it is crucial that our communities have their say on what our hospitals look like now and in the future.

To help us understand how patients and residents access their care, we recently held an online survey and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete it.

The next phase of our engagement will be to host three virtual public listening events, to ensure residents’ can find out about our plans, as well as have their say on how we deliver sustainable services to meet the needs of our communities.

We will be hosting one virtual event per borough, across Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge. Please register your interest and purchase a ticket to these free events by clicking on the borough where you live below.

Clinical strategy virtual public workshops

2019 - the start of refreshing our clinical strategy

Developing our clinical strategy

Since our last strategy was published in 2016, there had been growing demands and increasing pressure on both our hospitals, and with the population set to continue increasing over the next decade it was vital to take a look at our resources and how they were being used, and importantly how they would be used in the future.

We therefore set out to ensure we were effectively designing and delivering services to meet the challenges and changing needs of our patients in a clinically safe and sustainable way for the future.

The work was led by our clinicians and staff, and we initially worked with our partners such as GPs and local authorities, to ensure our patients could be treated by the right person, in the right place, at the right time – whether that’s in a hospital or not.

This initial phase of the strategy development involved collecting a wide range of views and evidence to get a complete picture of our services as they were and understand the things that were likely to change over the coming years.

We collected data and information to develop a set of ‘fact packs’, which fully detailed the status of all our services. We did this through a series of interviews, workshops and surveys.

Engaging on our emerging ideas

Once we had collected all of this information and we had a sense of our current status and how things may change in the future, the next phase was to hear from residents and patients – the very people who use our hospitals and other local health services – to better understand what mattered most, and to hear ideas about how we could improve or make services easier to access or better for patients.

To do this we held a listening event in each of our three boroughs, and found them to be incredibly helpful – we are very thankful to everyone who took part.
There were lots of useful conversations about a range of topics, concerns and suggestions, including population increase, the wider healthcare system and how it works together (or doesn’t!) advancements with technology, ED attendances, patient struggles with multiple appointments, and partnership working.

From the entire range of data collected we created a draft proposal – however, as mentioned above, wasn’t able to progress this due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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