Board papers and minutes

Board papers and minutes

About our Trust Board meetings

Our Trust Board meet monthly (with the exception of August and January) to discuss Trust business and to review our care and financial performance.

The first part of the meeting is held in public, which means you are welcome to attend as an observer. Every meeting starts with a patient story. If you would like to share yours, email our Patient Experience Team.

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Trust board meeting dates

At the Board meeting in March 2018 it was agreed that, starting from the financial year 2018/19, board meetings in held public will take place monthly (9am – 11am), with the exception of August 2018 and January 2019. When meetings are held in public, you are welcome to attend as an observer.

As stated at the July Board meeting, there will be an extraordinary meeting on 21 August from 12.30pm in the Boardroom, Queen's Hospital. 

Trust board schedule 2019-20