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What's it like to work on Christmas Day?

Midwife Mandeep Kaur

In our line of work, spending Christmas Day at home with your family is never guaranteed as our patients still need care, even if it is Christmas!

So we spoke to one of midwives, Mandeep Kaur, who will be working on Christmas Day, as she has several times before, to find out what it’s like in our hospitals on the big day.

She said: “The first time I worked Christmas Day I loved it so much that I have requested to work it ever since.

“It’s such a nice place to be as everyone is full of Christmas spirit and in a good mood. We do everything we can to make it as festive as possible for our patients, every mum gets a present.

“I love working on the labour ward as it’s like you’re helping to deliver the best ever gift for the mums. And we bring in food to share and make sure everyone gets a break to enjoy it.

“My son is 13 and my daughter is 11 so they’re a little older now and not wondering where mummy is on Christmas Day, and I miss most of the preparation of Christmas dinner which I don’t mind at all!”

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