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Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP): latest update

King George - Emergency Department


The north east London STP is all about improving the way we deliver health and social care to patients across our communities, so that we can meet the demands of our growing population and ensure patients receive the very best care now and into the future.

One element of this much wider piece is our plans to make changes to the way we deliver our emergency services. These changes were agreed by Secretary of State in 2011 and will see us operating an enhanced 24/7 urgent care centre at King George Hospital and moving emergency services to Queen’s Hospital.

We are currently working through plans with our partners and are developing a business case for capital funding to expand Queen's Hospital. We were considering a phased approach, with emergency services only being delivered from Queen’s Hospital overnight, later in the year. However it has been agreed that this will not happen, so that we make sure we minimise any confusion. Whilst the aim is to make the changes by 2019, please rest assured that nothing will happen until we are absolutely assured it is safe to do so. This will involve a series of reviews carried out by an independent team, including senior doctors, and will need sign off from the boards of all organisations involved.

You can read more in the latest bulletin from Jane Milligan, Executive lead for STP.

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