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Santa gets stuck in the chimney at Queen’s Hospital!

Pictured is Christine and her colleagues with the chimney

Our ophthalmology (eye department) secretaries at Queen’s Hospital have got into the festive spirit, by constructing their own chimney and fireplace scene, complete with Santa’s feet stuck at the top!

Led by Christmas fanatic Christine Pethers (who has a festive-themed outfit for every day in December!), the team created a chimney out of recycled cardboard boxes and wallpaper. As well as an authentic brick-chimney look, they’ve drawn on a fireplace, spread presents around it, and even included some Disney characters.

Christine said: “We wanted a clock so we’ve added Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast, Olaf from Frozen as he’s a snowman, and we had to have Chip from Beauty and the Beast.

“We always decorate the office but we’ve never gone this far before! It’s just the beginning though, we’re going to go even bigger next year! I love Christmas, and am absolutely the ring leader in the team.”

Christine’s fellow secretaries Karen Slater, Yvonne Hillstead, Emma Wessen, Shirley Grainger and Sandra Veronique all helped put the display together, with Karen going a step further and getting Santa covers to decorate the backs of the office chairs.

Other festive touches giving joy to patients at our hospitals include a door at the hospital decorated to look like Rudolf, complete with antlers and a red nose!

Pictured is Christine (far left in a Christmas top), and her colleagues with the chimney

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