Rosemary Idiaghe is our new BAME Network co-chair


Rosemary Congratulations to Rosemary Idiaghe, Consultant Midwife for Midwife-led Care (pictured at home), who has been appointed by our BAME Network as co-chair. She said: “The role of co-chair of our BAME Network is an integral position that aims to facilitate engagement of this particular group of colleagues in conversations that would build, motivate and create professional development.

“The challenges BAME colleagues face in relation to career development and in their day-to-day lived experiences at work has been brought to the fore by the first wave of theCovid-19 pandemic which motivated me to put myself forward as co-chair of our BAME Network.

“BAME colleagues constitute majority of the workforce in various departments across the NHS. Consequently, in order for the NHS to continue to make great strides in research, ground breaking innovation and healthcare provision, supporting this group of colleagues is fundamental to its success.

“My focus as co-chair will be to listen to understand and to inspire BAME colleagues that they can do and can be, as well as to work collaboratively with leaders to address issues concerning BAME colleagues. I am therefore looking forward to working with a dedicated and committed team within the network and beyond to ensure this is achieved.”

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