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Queen’s Hospital sees 25 newborns arrive on Christmas Day

Pictured are Rebekah and Calvin Lindsay with baby Harriet.

It was one of the busiest Christmases ever for new arrivals at Queen’s Hospital – with 25 babies born on Tuesday 25 December.

First to make an entrance was Harriet Lindsay, who arrived by c-section just 47 minutes after midnight.

Harriet, who weighed 6lb 6oz, was due on 4 January, but had other ideas and mum Rebekah’s waters broke late on Sunday 23 December.

First time mum Rebekah, 26, said: “We were surprised but we’re very happy and excited to take her home. We had her name ready but we did have a disagreement on her middle name, but I won of course, it’s Anabelle.”

Dad Calvin, 29, popped to the family’s home in Bouchier Walk, Elm Park, to bring their Christmas presents to the hospital for their own festive celebration.

He added: “I even brought in some leftover dessert I found in the fridge and we had our own little party, just the three of us.”

The excited new family had already had a visit from grandparents, with Rebekah’s parents flying in from Belfast over Christmas to meet the new arrival.

Whereas Harriet made an early appearance, newborns Aria and Aman both arrived exactly when they were meant to, on Christmas Day!

Baby Aman, 6lb 5oz, was born just before 1pm, much to mum Iram Kahn’s delight after first experiencing contractions at 7am on Christmas morning.

The 29-year-old, of Romford, said: “My older son Amar, who’s five, woke up early wanting his presents. I was having some contractions but I stayed at home for a bit, and he opened his presents, and we came to the hospital around 10-11am.

“I was really happy it was so quick, and was amazed that he came on his due date. It was really nice to have him on Christmas Day, now we have two celebrations for the whole family. I had Christmas dinner in hospital and came home on Boxing Day. Amar was really happy to have me home and is getting used to his new brother.”

Elisha Micallef, 28, and husband Stephen, 31, were so sure their Christmas baby would not come on her due date that they made plans for the big day – then baby Aria arrived at 11.04am on Christmas morning, weighing in at 8lb 6oz.

Elisha, of Appleby Drive, Harold Hill, said: “We thought she’d be late and maybe come at the weekend but it didn’t go as planned.

“I was induced on 22 December due to my diabetes but she obviously wanted to be born on Christmas Day as she still came on her due date. We were shocked but really excited. It was surreal, although it still felt like Christmas Day and we were busy being all wrapped up in her. She was even given a little gift of a hat by hospital staff which was really nice

“It’s really special for her to be born then. Not many people have a birthday on Christmas Day. And it’s nice to be home and still surrounded by Christmas.”

The first-time parents came home on Boxing Day, having Christmas with their family on Thursday 27 December.

Also delighted with her Christmas Day baby was Rafia Norman, 35. Already a mum-of-three, she gave birth to her fourth child, son Haadi, at 2.04am on Christmas morning.

Little Haadi, who was been due on 28 December, weighed in at 7lb.

Rafia, of Ley Street, Ilford, said: “My waters broke at around 4pm on Christmas Eve and we went straight to hospital.

“It was really nice to have him on Christmas Day. The midwives were great and I had really good care. I even got Christmas lunch in hospital. We took him home on Boxing Day evening and the older children were really pleased to have me home.”

Pictured top are Rebekah and Calvin Lindsay with baby Harriet.

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