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News and events

Our newly qualified nurses graduate with special badge ceremony

Kathryn Halford with newly qualified nurse Nicola Cane

Over 60 nurses and midwives have celebrated their achievements with a special graduation ceremony held at Queen’s Hospital.

The newly qualified nurses and midwives have recently completed their training at our Trust and the ceremony, held on Tuesday 1 October, marked the end of their time as students as they become qualified NHS staff.

Kathryn Halford, our Chief Nurse and deputy Chief Executive, herself a nurse throughout her entire career, welcomed them to the profession and said:

“As chief nurse at your training hospital, I’m hugely proud to present you with a badge that you’ll most likely wear proudly for the rest of your career.

“You’re all at the beginning of an exciting journey and I wish you all a happy and rewarding career.”

Kathryn presented each nurse and midwife with a badge to represent where they trained to wear on their uniform. They also received a certificate of achievement.

Families and friends were invited to enjoy their special moment with them, tutors from their universities also came to support them, as well as members of our Trsut Board.

Pictured is Kathryn with newly qualified nurse Nicola Cane.

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