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Our new Operational Plan

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We’ve launched our new Operational Plan, setting out our priorities and where we’ll be investing in services to continue to improve care for our patients. It will help us to achieve our vision to provide outstanding care to our community, delivered with PRIDE.

Our key objectives

The plan includes 15 priorities, which are under five objectives; delivering high quality care, running our hospitals efficiently, becoming an employer of choice, managing our finances and working in partnership.

We know having happy and engaged staff has huge benefits to our patients, so becoming an employer of choice is really important. Therefore we’ll be helping our staff to reach their full potential by introducing a Leaders’ Agreement and ensuring all our divisions are well led.

To give our patient the best possible quality of care, we’ll also deliver the highest standard of infection control.

Other priorities include engaging with our community, working with our partners to ensure we develop services which align with our Clinical Services Strategy, and ensuring we get paid for all the work we do to help us balance our books.

Investing in our services

Our Operational Plan also sets out our investment over the next two years. This includes bringing 150 new colleagues on board, including 90 nurses and 18 new consultants.

We’ll also be investing £3m to replace medical and pathology equipment with more modern versions, £1m on expanding our critical care services and £700,000 to make our neonatal intensive care unit bigger so we can look after more vulnerable babies.

You can read our Operational Plan here.

Getting out of special measures shows just how far we’ve come in the last few years. Delivering this plan is our next step towards becoming outstanding. 

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