Our hospitals are under significant pressure

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Along with the rest of the NHS, we are under considerable pressure as we look after a rising number of Covid-19 patients, some of whom are being cared for safely in ambulances before entering Queen’s Hospital. 

You can help us by calling NHS 111 if you need medical advice, and only coming to our emergency departments in a real emergency.

In a statement, Magda Smith, our Chief Medical Officer, said:  

London’s NHS is under significant pressure from high COVID-19 infection rates and non-Covid winter demands, with staff in all services going the extra mile and we are opening more beds to care for the most unwell patients. 

“It is more important than ever that Londoners follow government guidance and do everything possible to reduce transmission of the virus.” 


  • We are opening extra beds and capacity for the sickest patients by working across London to support those areas under the greatest pressure 
  • We are encouraging staff to consider taking additional shifts or accepting roles in areas where there is the greatest need and are grateful to all of those who have already done so ​

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