Take a look inside!

Finishing touches are being made and patients are just weeks away from getting their tests at our new Community Diagnostic Centre at Barking Community Hospital.

Patients will be welcomed by a modern and open reception and waiting area which is lined with big floor to ceiling windows.

It’s light and airy throughout to make the centre feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Work is now continuing externally to finish the brickwork and landscaping around the site including on a wellbeing garden area.

The reception desk

Once open, it will perform an extra 60,000 scans including CT, ultrasound and our state-of-the-art MRI scanner which has now been installed.

It means residents across north east London will get their tests and scans more quickly  helping us to reduce waiting lists and tackle health inequalities.

Patients with certain types of cancer will also benefit from innovative tests to get their diagnosis earlier including cystosponge and colon capsules - a capsule that you swallow that contains a small disposable camera that takes thousands of pictures as it travels along your gut to help identify the cause of symtpoms.

The CDC will be one of many opening in north east London including the centre at St George’s Health and Wellbeing Hub in Hornchurch which is opening its doors later this year.

The spacious waiting area

Our MRI scanner

A corridor with consultation rooms

A spacious room in the centre

A Changing Places facility

A room in the centre

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Was this page useful?

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