New clinic for children and young people who suffer with asthma and viral induced wheeze

We’ve launched a new group consultation clinic for our children and young people (CYP) who suffer with asthma and viral induced wheeze (VIW). Our Asthma CNS team

Currently, our CYP Asthma team receive between 90 and 140 referrals per month, with each child being offered a 30 minute appointment with one of our clinical nurse specialists (CNS). The new model, which has been adapted from a model used within the Newham CYP Asthma team, will offer patients a group training session as well as an individual assessment with the CNS team. This will include focused asthma and wheeze education, safe supported management, what to do if their symptoms are worsening, and what to do in an emergency.

Our team hope to see an additional 64 children per month using this model, and in turn this will help to reduce the referral to treatment time for many of our CYP awaiting assessment for asthma and VIW.

This model has also been shown to be empowering for young patients in learning useful asthma techniques for safe management at home, and helping the early detection of worsening symptom. This will reduce the likelihood patients will need to return to hospital.

The children will be sent their pre-questionnaire and pre-session information beforehand. This will ensure CYP are spending less time with the CNS completing admin tasks, and allow more time receiving the support they need.

The sessions will see eight young people and their families come together to share learnings and to create a supportive network for our patients.

After eight weeks, the team will call the patient for a check-up, and to see if they are well enough to be discharged, or if they need any further support.

Helen Espline, clinical nurse specialist for children's asthma said: “We hope this new clinic will be really beneficial to our children and young patients, giving them the chance to share ideas and learn from each other.

“We are extremely positive that by offering group consultation clinics, we will be able to see more CYP as well as improving the overall quality of the service.

“Thank you to the Asthma CNS team who have helped set up this clinic and to those who ensure its smooth running every day. In particular, thank you to the Newham Asthma CNS team who shared their initial ideas.” 

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