Mums group donates packs to support women who miscarry following founder’s own experience

Mummy's linkup

Members of mums group Mummy’s Linkup have paid a visit to Queen’s Hospital to donate a number of packs aimed at women who have a miscarriage.

The packs contain a range of everyday items including toiletries, candles, and easy-to-eat snacks such as biscuits and oats, as well a hot chocolate sachets. They are aimed at providing the essentials needed if a patient needs to stay in hospital overnight unexpectedly following a miscarriage.

Mummy’s Linkup founder Omowunmi Babalola, 37, said: “I had a miscarriage myself and I remember feeling alone, even though I had my partner with me.

“While we can’t take away the pain for women who miscarry, we can do something to show them we are thinking of them and that they are not alone. Everything in the packs was donated by mums in the group and our family and friends.”

Omowunmi, mum to Mariam, three, and one-year-old Azeez, found there was a lack of mum’s groups following her son’s birth. This led her to set up Mummy’s Linkup, recruiting members herself everywhere from the supermarket to the library.

Pre-pandemic, the group would meet in libraries and enjoy picnics in the park. Moving to virtual meet-ups during lockdown has actually helped to widen their membership outside Omowunmi’s native Dartford.

She added: “Three mornings a week we do rhyme time with the children on Zoom. We’ve also started a ‘mummy talk’ online session where people can share issues or anything they’re worried about, anonymously, to get opinions from the group.”

Omowunmi presented the packs, alongside fellow Mummy’s Linkup members Mojjy Ajayi and Bunmi Idowu, to Lorraine Imber, the Trust’s specialist midwife for early pregnancy.

Mummy's link-up

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