Khadiza wins Student Volunteer of the Year!

Khadiza Siddika

Khadiza Siddika, Biomedical Science student, has been awarded Student Volunteer of the Year by the University of Westminster, for her service at our Trust.

Khadiza Siddika

She began volunteering as a ward befriender based at King George Hospital while in sixth form. Seeking a new challenge alongside her undergraduate degree, Khadiza’s desire to help people saw her return to Queen’s Hospital as a wayfinder concierge during the Covid-19 pandemic last year. 

“I was working all around the hospital, screening patients for Covid, dropping stuff to different wards for family members who couldn’t visit patients because of the pandemic,” Khadiza said.

“Sometimes it was sad because they would be stopped at the entrance, in those situations I would often sit with patients in the waiting room, just to make sure they were ok.”

On one occasion, Khadiza found herself in the Radiology department acting as a translator for a patient.

“There was a lady who had an appointment but couldn’t have her daughter with her, so I had to be a translator for her. At first the radiologists were hesitant, but they saw that the lady was struggling so they let me come in.”

“I feel I’ve got that helpful nature about myself; it makes me happy being able to help people. I love socialising, talking, and meeting new people.”

Khadiza, who is aspiring to study a Masters in Immunology, emphasised her appreciation for volunteering, adding: “Volunteering has worked out perfectly for me because I wanted to be exposed to the hospital. You grow up and you’re always in school, it’s hard to have that exposure to different working environments.

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet all the different people that work in the hospital. Before I thought it was full of doctors and nurses, but I’ve realised there are so many different job roles, it’s really opened my eyes to the different opportunities available.”

On receiving the award, she said: “I didn’t think I would get it, so I was I bit surprised when I found out I won. But I think with Covid, being that person that stepped up in the absence of relatives, that’s what probably stood out because everyone was struggling with that during the pandemic.

“I would encourage everyone to volunteer if they can. I know some people are hesitant because they don’t know what to expect but I would say go for it, be proactive, and take on the challenge!”

Volunteers are highly valued members of our Trust. The time they dedicate to help others makes a huge difference to our staff and patients. If you’d like to get involved and want to find out more about the different roles available, visit our volunteering page.   


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