“I am now living my second life,” says Rohit after three months in hospital with Covid-19

Rohit and his wife

Rohit and his wife Harshila

Grandfather-of-four Rohit Patel returned home on Wednesday 1 July after a gruelling three months being treated for Covid-19 at King George Hospital, during which time his family were told to ‘prepare for the worst’.

The 61-year-old, who lives in Falmouth Gardens, Ilford, with wife Harshila, 60, son Jatin, and his wife Trushna, said: “Going home was very emotional as I’ve been looking forward to it so much. It was lovely to see my grandchildren, and my whole family.

“I feel like I am now living my second life – my family were told to prepare for the worst, so it’s wonderful to be home.”

Rohit was admitted to King George Hospital on Wednesday 1 April after feeling unwell for over a week. As he didn’t have the classic Covid-19 symptoms, he believed it was just due to his high blood pressure.

Within a few days of being admitted, Rohit’s family were told he’d had to be sedated and put on a ventilator. He remained in an induced coma for a month, during which time they were unable to see or speak to him.

His daughter, Chandi, 36, said: “It happened so quickly we were in shock. It was really stressful not speaking to him, so the daily updates from the staff were a lifeline. The doctors would always take the time to explain everything and answer any questions we had.

“It was really emotional for us and overwhelming for him when we got to speak again. It’s been upsetting seeing my formally healthy dad having to learn to eat again, however, he’s worked really hard and it just shows how strong he is.”

Rohit and his grandchildren

Rohit added: “I can’t remember anything from my time in intensive care, it has been a really hard time. The staff looking after me have been so good and I’ve still got physios coming to my home to help me learn to walk again.

“A few weeks before I went home the physios took me outside to see my family, all 12 of them. They kept their distance, however, it meant so much that they did that for me. It was lovely to see them after such a long time.”

Rohit, who has worked alongside his wife in Asda in Leyton for ten years, is also dad to Ronika, who has daughters Rishna, 12, and Rea, 10. Chandi also has a son Rishay, seven, and daughter, Maya, three.

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