Fawad shares his experience of recovering from Covid-19


Dr Fawad Hussain has been telling us about his own patient experience and recovery from Covid-19. Fawad is the on-site medical director at King George Hospital, and is a consultant dermatologist. The video of Fawad leaving hospital after recovering is one of our most watched videos on Twitter, with over 40,000 views.

Fawad "It was my son who was the first to become unwell. I was returning to work after a period of leave and my wife who is also a doctor called me to say that he wasn’t well and I needed to be home to look after him. I then called our Occupational Health who advised me to self-isolate.  A week later my son and I were tested at the O2. On my way home, I was issued a ticket for driving in a bus lane! My own test came back as negative, but my son's was positive; thankfully he recovered very quickly.

“A week later, after returning to work, I became very unwell.  Within a few hours I was running a fever, had a terrible headache and had become sensitive to light and sound.

“My wonderful colleagues urged me to attend the Emergency Department (ED). Even though I was so unwell I marvelled at the tremendous job the team were doing in the ED. I am usually a very healthy person, and as I have never been a patient myself, it really was a very different experience to see our hospital through a patient’s eyes. The team on the ward was so fantastic too, I do feel lucky to be cared for by such great staff, I can’t thank them enough. I had so many lovely texts and messages from colleagues from all religious backgrounds saying that they were praying for me.

“I stayed in touch with my family over Facetime whilst in the hospital. While speaking to my dad, it was the first time I have seen him cry. As I have never been unwell before, it was quite an emotional journey for all of us. We can’t underestimate the care and compassion for our staff and the jobs they do."

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