Stakeholder update from Chief Executive Matthew Trainer: 3 March 2023 | Chief Executive’s video diary and stakeholder update

Stakeholder update from Chief Executive Matthew Trainer: 3 March 2023 | Chief Executive’s video diary and stakeholder update

Stakeholder update from Chief Executive Matthew Trainer: 3 March 2023

Dear colleague,

A lot of our focus at the moment is taken up in developing plans for how we will respond to the strike by junior doctors taking place from 13-16 March.

The term ‘junior doctors’ doesn’t do justice to their experience and skill - they are considered juniors up until they become consultants; neither does it do justice to the contribution they make to the running of our hospitals. I’m grateful to them for the dedication, hard work and compassion they display, day in day out.

The majority of our doctors are entitled to strike, so it will have a significant impact on our Trust.

The likely reality is we will have to cancel some operations, diagnostic tests and scans, and most outpatient appointments between March 13 and March 16. I appreciate this is an additional stress for patients waiting for treatment, and we will do everything we can to continue with high priority cases such as cancer surgeries and patients who have been waiting for a significant length of time, for example those who have waited longer than 78 weeks, at the very least.

We may also have to reduce the range of emergency services we offer, although we will work hard to avoid this.

Ultimately our priority will be to provide safe patient care with a reduced workforce.

I understand why this industrial action is being taken and can sympathise with their concerns about a real-terms cut in junior doctors’ pay since 2008 and the impact this has had on their ability to live and work in London. I hope they can reach an agreement that will avoid the need for the planned 72-hour walkout.

Louise Dark joins us

I was pleased to welcome Louise Dark to the Executive team this week. Louise has joined us as Managing Director at King George Hospital (KGH) in a new role that is part of our focus on transforming the way our two hospitals are run. We’re very fortunate to have someone of her calibre join us and I have no doubt under her leadership, KGH will continue to go from strength to strength.

See me First

Our drive to make our hospitals fair and inclusive places to work continues and I’m delighted that we’ve joined the See ME First initiative - a scheme that sees our staff pledge to support us in this achieving this goal, both for our patients and our colleagues - during Race Equality Week.

Research shows there is direct correlation between staff wellbeing and a good patient experience so helping our colleagues to be happier at work should improve the care we provide for our communities.

In my pledge I’ve promised to take action to become a fairer place to work and be cared for, celebrate the diversity of our people, and actively challenge racism and other forms of discrimination.

We’ve also been celebrating LGBT+ History Month, with a range of events including awareness raising webinars, a ‘bake and make’ competition, and sexual health stalls. 

It’s been great to see so many staff coming together to celebrate.

Best wishes,

Matthew Trainer

Chief Executive


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