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News and events

Vintage tea party caps off a week of dementia-themed activities at our hospitals

Pictured are Lewin Jones, Marie Lucas, Christina Egan and Judith Merchant.

Dementia patients and their families enjoyed a vintage tea party at Queen’s Hospital on Friday (23 September), capping a week of activities to mark our new partnership.

We’ve joined forces with the North East London Foundation Trust (NELFT), to provide better care to patients with dementia.

We’ll work together to improve diagnosis rates, recognising the condition earlier and ensuring that our patients and their families get the help and support they need.

Information events were held at both Queen’s and King George hospitals during the week and a coffee morning at Queen’s Hospital was held on Friday morning for anyone to drop in ask any questions they might have.

The Mayor of Havering, Councillor Philippa Crowder, dropped into our hospital in the afternoon to join the vintage tea party with patients and their families and carers.

Guest enjoyed a range of tasty cakes and scones to accompany their tea, served in traditional vintage crockery.

Pictured are Lewin Jones, Marie Lucas, Christina Egan and Judith Merchant. 

About dementia

Senior nurse with a patient in our Rempod, a vintage living room with period props

Dementia isn’t something that effects the elderly. The disorder can happen to anyone, no matter how old or how healthy they are.

Dementia isn’t a disease in itself – it’s a term we use when we talk about a range of symptoms caused by other diseases, including Alzheimer’s or a series of strokes.

There are some treatments that can help patients with dementia cope with their symptoms, but there is no out-right cure to the causes of dementia. Unfortunately, dementia is progressive, which means the symptoms will get worse.

To find out more about the causes and symptoms of dementia, visit the Alzheimer’s Society.

What we’re doing to help patients with dementia

Patients with dementia who are admitted to our hospitals receive specialist and personal care thanks to our dedicated team of dementia nurses.

Made up of senior registered nurses and healthcare assistants, the team are on hand to supplement the care we provide to our patients on our Care of the Elderly wards and emergency areas.

Our senior nurses in the dementia team, Paulette and Vijaya, also provide services away from the ward - from training staff to helping carers find support for their loved ones.

We have strong ties to our community care colleagues, including the memory clinics in all three of our boroughs.

And if any of our clinical teams have any concerns about a patient without a diagnosis of dementia, we’re able to access the community psychiatric services too.

For more information about our dementia services, contact:

If you are concerned about the symptoms of dementia, please speak to your family GP.

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