Using Artificial Intelligence to improve our stroke care

Screenshots of our AI stroke care app

We are excited to announce the launch of the cutting edge ‘e-stroke’ Brainomix software that will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the way our Trust diagnoses and treats those who suffer aBrainomix software on different platforms stroke.

Brainomix, which can also be used as a mobile app, allows our stroke teams to easily share scanned images to support rapid diagnosis, clinical decisions and treatment.

Amanda Martin, our Stroke Co-Clinical Lead, said: “It is designed to act as an ‘expert second opinion’ to help doctors make faster treatment decisions.

“In line with our Trust’s strategic aim of ensuring clinical adoption and engagement in the use of technology, we as a stroke team are always looking to implement the latest technology to support our clinicians which also delivers good outcomes for our patients.”

The software analyses computed tomography (CT) images of the brain, blood vessels and automatically highlights blocked blood vessels to show areas of possible damage. The digital platform will also allow stroke teams to make clinical decisions wherever they are.

Brainomix will connect our stroke team with colleagues across University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Barts Health NHS Trust to rapidly review clinical information with the mechanical thrombectomy centre, enabling faster patient transfers.

Amanda added: “At a local level, this decision support tool will help us to speed up diagnosis and therefore patient care in a simple and safe way. With other sites coming on-board; we are hoping that the implementation of Brainomix will support the highly specialised thrombectomy pathway, facilitating the timely transfer of those eligible for treatment to the trust.”

Our teams have managed to develop and continually improve the stroke service despite the pandemic, with the help of our PACS team, CT team, and IM&T Systems team.

Combining a 24/7 service performed by specialists with collaboration of partners across the NHS, the AI-assisted stroke detection has allowed our team to continue pushing boundaries and deliver world-class care.

Devesh Sinha, our Stroke Clinical Lead, said: “Our Stroke team are truly part of the modern age advancement of care; we are also delighted to be working as a network across the region to collaborate stroke care.”

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