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Urgent appeal for blood donors – help save a life

Give blood

NHS Blood and Transplant has urgently appealed for people to donate blood, after demand during the recent hot weather has left supplies low.

Most people from 17 to 70 can donate blood if they are fit and healthy. You can donate in a place near to your home or work and it takes just minutes and you could help save a life.

Find your nearest venue to donate online. You can also call 0300 123 23 23 to have an appointment booked for you.

If you’ve donated blood before, you’ll know how quick and simple it is, so please encourage your family and friends to do so. If you’ve never given blood before, please consider doing your bit to keep life-saving supplies topped up.

NHS Blood and Transplant aims to have six days’ blood supply to meet patient demand. Following the heatwave, stocks of O negative have dropped to just half that, a particular concern as it is the universal donor group, which can be given to almost anyone in an emergency.

As well as O negative, they also urgently need donors from the B negative and RO groups.



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