Take on our charity’s home schooling challenge

Home schooling

King George and Queen’s Hospital Charity has a brilliant home-schooling campaign, which will not only encourage kids while learning from home but will also raise money for children in our hospitals.

Home schooling can be tough for the whole family. A change of routine and a different school day structure are just a couple of challenges that kids have faced in recent months.

The ‘Home School Four Week Challenge’ is a simple, easy to follow campaign which can make a huge difference to not only the children in hospital but also those learning from home during these strange times.

The way it works very simple! Children will receive a progress chart and for each day of home learning they complete over a four week period, they can colour a star on their progress chart. Friends, family and guardians then sponsor a child for each coloured star. What is great about the campaign is the four week spell can work around the child’s home routine, giving families the freedom to choose when to tackle the challenge!

Recognising the ever-changing Covid-19 pandemic, even if a child takes on the challenge and is lucky enough to return to school before the end of the 28 days…don’t worry, our charity will still let them colour a star for each day they attend school to learn until the chart is complete!

Every child that takes part will receive an official certificate to take back to school with them, to not only show how they have excelled at home schooling but also how they have helped to support those in the community and hospitals.

Our charity will supply everything families need to make sure the challenge is a success. The challenge pack includes adult instructions, a progress star chart and a sponsor form. If families wish to donate electronically, all they will need to do is add the Just Giving page link.

Lynda Head, Head of Fundraising, said: “Since the start of Covid-19, we have all been through some very tough times. However, we know we still have to support the children and families in our communities, whether that is in our hospitals or in education.

“I’ve watched my own children struggling to work from home, while still spending many hours’ home schooling their own kids. Changing your routine is difficult enough but also trying to ensure your children are coping with their lessons and the isolation they feel not seeing their friends has been a really long and hard winter journey. That’s why we hope our Home School Four Week Challenge provides motivation for children and a much needed boost for the whole family as we hopefully enter the final period of home schooling.”

To sign up to the challenge or for more details, please email or call 01708 774 825.

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Take on our charity’s home schooling challenge


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