Riad is cutting hair for charity

Riad and Marino

With hairdressers closed and some people turning to the kitchen scissors for a trim, Riad Daher, charge nurse for neurosurgery, spotted an opportunity to help his colleagues feel good while also doing a bit of fundraising!

“I did a three month course in hairdressing while completing my nursing degree in Jordan, to support myself while studying. I would also cut hair after work when I first qualified.”

“I noticed some of our staff coming in with haircuts of all different shapes, so I thought I would use my skills as a thank you to our staff. It’s not so bad if you cut your own hair and you’re staying at home, but our staff are coming to work every day so I thought it might boost their self-image too.

“So, I agreed with matron Ruth Sparks that I would come in on my day off to offer haircuts. I’ve done six so far and the list is growing!”

“We’re raising money for a new microwave for staff in Theatres, and any extra money is being sent to a charity helping people in poverty in Palestine.”

Pictured is Riad with Marino D’Aliessio, clinical engineering manager, who commented that having his hair cut was “wonderful” and, even half way through the cut, it was “beautiful to feel the breeze again – particularly on a hot day like today!”

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