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Report into allegations made in relation to bullying and engagement with medical staff

A few months ago we asked the consultancy firm Deloitte to carry out an independent investigation into allegations in relation to bullying and engagement of medical staff at our Trust.

Their report is available below. They carried out a series of interviews, held focus groups and studied the relevant Trust papers to inform their report.

Deloitte found no evidence of bullying and intimidation against our consultants by our senior leaders. However, some significant issues were raised at the focus groups by other colleagues about the inappropriate behaviours and culture of a pocket of medical consultants.

Joe Fielder, our Chair and Chris Bown, our interim Chief Executive, held a meeting for consultants earlier this week where they briefed them on the key findings.

As a Trust we take such allegations very seriously. We are clear about the standards of behaviour we expect from each other and it is important that we work together to ensure we embed a culture that is supportive and where people feel safe to raise concerns.

Chris Bown, Interim Chief Executive Officer, Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust said: “We’re pleased this report shows there is no evidence to support the allegations that medical consultants were being bullied or intimidated at our Trust. 

 “We have also made good progress against the key recommendations. However, there are further lessons. The reports about the behaviours and culture of a pocket of medical consultants are particularly concerning and we will be dealing with this.

 “We are clear about the standards of behaviour and conduct we can and should expect from each other.

 “As a Board, and as a senior leadership team, we will continue to encourage the very highest standards of professionalism among all our colleagues.

 “We will also continue to challenge anyone whose behaviour does not reflect our shared values, and will not be afraid to take action as and when required.

 “I have reiterated to all colleagues that my door is open, and I am encouraging anyone who has witnessed occasions of bullying, intimidation or poor clinical practice to come to me in absolute confidence.”

Deloitte Report

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