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Everyday racism: my perception of equality changes his second blog about his lived experiences of everyday racism in the NHS, consultant and co-clinical lead for stroke Devesh Sinha writes about the structural racism which limits BAME representation at senior levels of the NHS. He also discusses the role of white colleagues in being part of making change happen.

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Taniya on fulfilling her dreams and finding her calling thanks to our Academy of Surgery

We recently shared with you how our trailblazing Academy of Surgery had prepared its first group of graduates to continue into their higher-level surgical training posts.

While some of the trainees have moved on from our Trust, we caught up with Taniya Perera, who currently remains a clinical fellow within the academy. She told us how it has helped her on her way to achieving her dream of being a surgeon, and find her calling within orthopaedics.

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‘Choosing to work on the frontline seemed like the right thing to do’ - a blog by physiotherapist Mariusz Kadziela

Today (Tuesday 8 September) is World Physiotherapy Day, focusing on rehabilitation and Covid-19. Which makes it the perfect opportunity to share a blog from Mariusz Kadziela, one of our MSK (musculoskeletal) physiotherapists. All our physiotherapists have played a huge role supporting Covid-19 patients during the pandemic, and Mariusz tells us how this experience has been for him, and why he chose to work on the frontline.

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From ED to wards: working as one team to improve patient care

Ensuring that patients receive prompt treatment in our Emergency Departments (ED) remains a priority for our Trust, as well as reducing delays so patients can go home from our wards as soon as they are medically well enough.  

Jo Player is a clinical operational site manager in our Bed and Site team. Having spent more than a decade working in ED, she explains the government-set waiting time standards for patients and the impact on patient care if these are not met.

Having moved to a role which involves working with wards to monitor available beds, Jo discusses how she quickly learnt more about the challenges wards face in ensuring their patients don’t experience any delays in leaving hospital.

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In Conversation With: Siobhan Graham

All our teams are currently working extremely hard as we, along with the rest of the NHS, tackle Covid-19. That’s why we wanted to give our colleagues the spotlight, as part of our In Conversation With interviews, to share what they’re doing and the impact on them.

This week we spoke to Siobhan Graham, who recently helped oversee an upgrade to one of our radiotherapy machines, making us the first Trust in the UK to introduce Ethos Therapy. This more patient-focused treatment uses artificial intelligence to tailor it to our patient’s daily changing needs. She also shares what it was like becoming our Head of Radiotherapy in the midst of the pandemic.

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