Our Raghu elected as President of the British Neurovascular Group

Raghu Vindlacheruvu, our Clinical Lead for Neurosurgery

Raghu Vindlacheruvu (pictured), our Clinical Lead for Neurosurgery, will now also act as President of the British Neurovascular Group (BNVG) after being elected by his peers.

The national role will bring with it exciting opportunities for our Trust, as well as the chance to improve services, not only for our own patients but those across the country.

Raghu, who has been a member of the BNVG since it began 12 years ago, said: “This is very good for our Trust; it could lead to involvement in clinical trials, helping to improve care nationwide, bring additional resources, boosting what we can do for our local population, and we can build new networks, especially as part of our collaboration with our neighbour, Barts Health.”

Raghu was one of three candidates and won over fellow members with his plans to encourage all neurosurgery centres in the country to take part in the voluntary national audit; and plans to introduce dual accreditation for trainees.

He added: “If all centres took part in the audit we would have more accurate data which would allow us to share learning from those which are doing well so we can replicate it, providing a high quality of care for all patients.

“I also think dual accreditation for trainees, where they would qualify in more than one specialty and continue that throughout their careers, could help us tackle where we have rota challenges. For example, we work very well with our Interventional Radiology team, which perform thrombectomies for stroke patients. This needs to be a 24-hour service so dual accreditation could really see life-saving benefits for our patients.”

Raghu, who has worked at our Trust since 2006 and been clinical lead for the last six years, will remain in post as president for the next two years.

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