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Our chief is among the top 50 NHS chief executives

Matthew Hopkins

Our Chief Executive, Matthew Hopkins, has featured on the Health Service Journal’s annual list of top NHS chiefs.

Matthew is in the list’s top 50 chief executives.

He joined our Trust in April 2014 and has overseen our wide-ranging improvement journey, including launching a leadership development programme, growing the workforce to deal with increasing demand and more patient engagement, using their feedback to drive further improvement.

Ian James, Chairman of our Patient Partnership Council, said: “Under Matthew’s leadership the voice of the patient has been moved to the fore.

“The Patient Partnership Council is made up of independent people who must ensure the patient comes first, and under Matthew, that is absolutely the case.”

Anne-Marie Dean, Chairman of Healthwatch Havering, added: “Matthew and his team, despite the rising demands and the continued complexity of healthcare, have remained committed to working tirelessly to improve the standards of care at the hospital.

“We’ve found him to be open, approachable and inclusive and look forward to working with him and his team in the future.”

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