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News and events

North East London Treatment Centre

We have been informed today (Thursday) that the decision to award the North East London Treatment Centre (NELTC) contract to our Trust has not been upheld, following our bid to provide the service.

Chief Executive Matthew Hopkins said: “Today we received the outcome of the NHS Improvement investigation into the awarding of the NELTC contract. We are disappointed that the awarding of the contract to the Trust has not been upheld, however, we are pleased that it did not find any issue with our submission.

“We would like to thank our clinicians and bid team for all their hard work in submitting a high quality bid. We will look forward to rebidding.”

Improving theatre capacity in North East London

In North East London there has been an historic mismatch between capacity and demand in relation to elective care; this means patients have been waiting too long for their treatment.

Whilst the investigation into the NELTC contract has been on-going, we have been working hard to identify opportunities to maximise theatre capacity in order to provide the best care for local patients.

This identified an opportunity for our doctors to use the theatres within the NELTC to treat our patients.

Find out more on the NHS Improvement website.


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