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Nominate your hospital hero – it really does mean the world to them!

Our Maternity team

We’ve launched our annual PRIDE Awards – to recognise the hard work and dedication of all of our staff.

The Hospital Hero category is the only one voted for by you, the public – and it’s a huge boost for our winner to know that they’ve been chosen by the people they’ve cared for and their loved ones.

Last year’s winner was our Maternity team (pictured above), which was a wonderful surprise for everyone across the department, from our midwives and obstetricians to clerical and other support staff.

Community Midwife Rebecca McKeon, who has worked at our Trust for six years, said the whole team was over the moon.

The 27-year-old added: “When I found out about it I felt really proud, it was lovely to have that recognition from our patients to say we’re doing a good job.

“I’ve wanted to be a midwife ever since I was a little girl so it was really gratifying. It also re-emphasised that our patients are happy with what we’re doing, and encourages us to continue working hard and keep the women we look after at the centre of everything.

“We made sure we celebrated it at our get-togethers!”

You can nominate anyone you like from our staff, from a doctor or nurse who provided you, or a loved one, with great care, a receptionist who made a big difference, to the team whose work led to your diagnosis.

Another of last year’s winners, Graham Thwaites, our Head Biomedical Scientist who won in the Inspirational Leadership category, said: “It was really special as it was acknowledgement for our whole team.

“The PRIDE Awards are about the recognition you can give to someone else. Like a lot of teams, we’re not directly patient facing, so it was nice for us to be recognised too.”

You can nominate a team or individual by filling out the form on our PRIDE Awards page or picking up a paper copy from our reception desks in our hospital’s atriums. You have until Monday 1 October to get your entries in.

The PRIDE Awards will be held on Tuesday 11 December.

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