New MRI machine to boost the number of scans

Matthew Trainer and Radiology colleagues in front of the 3T MRI

Patients are benefitting from faster scans and additional tests, following the launch of a new MRI machine at King George Hospital (KGH).

Our new state-of-the-art 3T MRI has a wider bore where patients lay and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology within the machine reduces scanning time, on average, by 35 per cent, providing a more comfortable and faster experience.

The new 3T replaces an older machine at the Trust and is twice as powerful as a standard MRI scanner. It creates clearer more detailed images, which is providing improved imaging of small areas such as the prostate, lesions in the brain and small joints.

Our radiology department continues to be boosted with upgraded equipment, including new CT scanners at Barking Community Hospital (BCH) and KGH, and more ultrasound rooms.

A Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) has also been proposed at BCH, which would provide more tests and scans for north east London residents, away from busy acute hospitals.

This continued investment is playing a key role as we tackle our waiting lists, and the total number of patients waiting 18 months or more reduced from 474 in July to 124 patients in December.

Chief Executive Matthew Trainer said: “Our new 3T MRI is fantastic and I’m delighted that the staff I’ve spoken to love using it. MRIs are crucial in helping us find potential illnesses but are not always a pleasant experience. The 3T is faster and less invasive, so will hopefully help relax patients during their scan.

“We have upgraded three MRI machines in the last year, two at KGH and one at BCH, all of which are at least 30 per cent quicker and will help us cut our waiting times.”  

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