‘It’s an amazing bit of technology which aims to make our lives better.’

Robotic colonoscopy - slideshow

Patients like Susan Shalloe, who can’t have conventional colonoscopies, are benefitting from our new robotic colonoscopy machine – a first in the country. 

Robotic colonoscopy is a non-invasive procedure which uses disposable probes to examine the colon.  

Traditional colonoscopy can be a painful experience for patients, often requiring sedation followed by long recovery times. Typically, between 10 to 15 per cent of people are unable to tolerate the pain.

Susan, 55, said: “During my last colonoscopy, I had to stop halfway because I just couldn’t cope with the pain.Susan Shalloe

“When Dr Prem suggested robotic colonoscopy, I was open to it. I went away, did my research and it seemed like a much better alternative.”

Unlike traditional colonoscopy, our new robotic machine offers a painless and safer experience. There is no need for sedation which means patients can recover almost immediately.

Susan, from Harold Hill, added: “I found the procedure remarkable, it’s an amazing bit of technology which aims to make our lives better. It was a lot less painful than the colonoscopies I’ve had in the past.

“I think they took four or five biopsies, and I didn’t feel a thing. The staff were very good, communicating with me throughout the entire process and I was able to get a proper view of everything that was going on.”

On her recovery, she said: “Normally with sedation, it takes some time for side effects to wear off but this time around I was absolutely fine.”

Our new machine was officially unveiled by Sir David Sloman, Chief Operating Officer at NHS England on Friday 3 February. This innovative procedure will have significant benefits to endoscopy services across the country.

Prem Premchand, clinical lead consultant gastroenterologist, said: “Robotic colonoscopy is the most patient-focused and patient-friendly procedure ever to be invented and can be expected to be the norm moving forward.” 

Our Chief Executive, Matthew Trainer added: “This is a ground breaking development that has the potential to transform endoscopy services across the country. It’s yet another example of the innovative work we’re doing at our surgical hub where we have a relentless focus on reducing waiting times for patients.”

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