Covid-19 survivor who spent 98 days in Queen’s Hospital calls staff who care for him ‘angels sent from heaven’

Muthucumaru Yasocumaran

Dad-of-two Muthucumaru Yasocumaran (pictured) is enjoying being back home with his family after spending 98 days being treated for Covid-19 at Queen’s Hospital.

Praising the staff who cared for him during his long stay at our hospital, the 67-year-old said: “I got the best care from all the nurses and doctors.

“They were like angels sent from heaven to help me.”

Muthucumaru, of Wingletye Lane, Hornchurch,  went into hospital on Good Friday (April 10), during the peak of the pandemic. He’d been bed-bound for a week and a half before that, however, as his symptoms were weakness and lack of appetite his family didn’t think it could be Covid-19.

When an ambulance was called he was taken straight to hospital, and admitted to intensive care within a few days, where he stayed for 71 days.

His daughter, Vibenche, 32, said: “He had to go into hospital on his own and as it was so sudden, it was really frightening.

“At one point we were told he only had 24 to 48 hours left, which was devastating. That he came through that kept our hopes up; he kept getting better, then he’d get really bad again. He was in an induced coma for most of his time in hospital so although we got daily updates from staff, we had no contact with him. One of the nurses, Heather McCarthy helped us to FaceTime him so he could hear our voices. She really went above and beyond for us which made such a difference.”

The family, also including Muthucumaru’s wife, Marla, 62, and 29-year-old son Sentan, were delighted when he was able to return home, on Friday 17 July, and rushed to get confetti and balloons for an extra special welcome.

Vibenche added: “We all got together to welcome him home and he was really happy. It’s so good to have him back. He can speak, although he can’t move around much - he’s having daily physiotherapy to continue his recovery.

“For now he’s just enjoying being home.”

Devina Ramchurn, deputy matron for intensive care, said: “This really was a remarkable recovery. I remember one occasion very well when we thought we would lose Muthucumaru as his blood pressure was dangerously low

“We persevered and tried everything and were so relieved when he survived. We completely understand how difficult it is for the family to be told their loved one has 24 to 48 hours.

“To see him doing so well now is amazing – he really defied the odds. It is absolutely the most rewarding thing for me as a nurse, and for the whole team, to have a patient who almost died go on to recover and go home to their family. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.”

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