Colleagues win our You Made a Difference award

Chief Executive Matthew Trainer recently presented several members of our Trust with our You Made a Difference awards.

The Pain Management team and Danielle Parker were awarded the You Made a Difference awards for their hard work and outstanding dedication to their roles.

Matthew Trainer presenting the Pain Management Team with the You Made a Difference AwardThe Pain Management team was nominated by a patient for their remarkable teamwork and care.

The nomination read: “From the time I had entered the hospital, all of them in this team were very kind and very caring, they made sure I was comfortable. A gentlemen held my hand throughout the procedure and he knew when it was going to be 'ouch'.”

One of our consultants, Marta Londono-Parra, is also described as “wonderful”. 

“She told me I had a lot of bruising, she was very kind. My vertebrae was chipped because of the fall and Marta was an incredibly wonderful consultant. At the end of my treatment it was a real hassle to try to find me a chair - a real nightmare for them, but I saw how hard they persevered so I could get released safely to get to my husband who was waiting to pick me up and take me home.

“They are such a great example of team work from the time I entered the hospital, truly hardworking people who had to overcome obstacles just to help me. From the consultant to the porter, they were are great.”

Matthew Trainer presenting Danielle Parker with the You Made a Difference AwardDanielle Parker was also nominated by a patient’s close relative for her unique “Danielle effect”.

“Since my mother was transferred to the ward, she has been in a critical condition. She was not expected to last longer than a few weeks. Then Danielle came on the scene with her kindness, sensitivity, gentle warmth, smile, laughter, and caring nature, making an enormous difference for my mum.

“Whenever Danielle walks into the room, my mum's face lights up because she knows she will be handled with dignity and respect. Danielle carefully attends to those aspects of care that restore a sense of the self: putting on a lovely nightdress, turning on the radio, encouraging healthy meal planning, encouraging my mother to keep hydrated.

“It is clear she loves her job. All by herself, Danielle is the best medicine for my mother, and I want the NHS to know what a gem they have in Danielle.”

If you've received excellent care and would like to nominate a member of staff at our Trust, fill in our You Made a Difference nomination form.

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