Callum is one of many NHS staff who has moved from a desk-based role to supporting clinical teams on the frontline



Fighting Covid-19 requires a whole team effort; as well as the hard work of our fantastic clinical staff, many of our administrative staff have completely changed job roles to other areas where they are most needed.

One person who has seen their day job transformed is Callum Oubridge. He has moved from a desk-based role at our Education Centre to a very active one in the Supplies department, keeping our clinical teams stocked with PPE every day. We spoke to Callum about how his role has completely changed in such a short space of time:

“I usually work in the Education Centre, supporting meetings and training. Because the majority of face-to-face training was cancelled, it meant we no longer needed a team of six managing our training facilities.

“Our manager sent us a list of different areas which needed some support. I’m the youngest in the team, so I thought it would be fairest to leave some more administrative tasks to some of my other colleagues and I volunteered to help the Supplies team. I already knew some of the staff working there too.

“Each day we have a list of how much PPE wards and departments are expected to use, and I go around these areas and make sure they have the right amount in stock. We get deliveries of some items throughout the day so we make sure that we replenish items such as gowns as we get them in. 

“We also have a hotline staff can call if there is an emergency and they need more stock and we deliver it to them.

“I’m doing around 20,000 steps a day! I usually like to stay active at the gym so this is a great alternative now that they’re closed – particularly to burn off the takeaways!

“I’m also enjoying developing my knowledge of our hospitals. I’m building relationships with teams I wouldn’t usually chat to – someone in ITU gave me a cupcake the other day, which was a nice little thank you!”

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