Almost 90% of patients admitted to Intensive Care Units in north east London are not fully vaccinated

ITU vaccine number graphic

Between 14 July and 2 September 2021, 203 patients with Covid-19 were admitted to intensive care units (ICUs) across north east London (NEL). Of these, 90 per cent (181) were not fully vaccinated, with most tending to be on average six years younger than patients admitted to ICU who are fully vaccinated.

ICUs play an important role in hospitals, including looking after patients undergoing major surgery, for conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Now, with one-third of ICU beds across NEL occupied by people with Covid-19, this surge in critically ill patients is having a significant impact on the care of other patients. 

Rajesh Jain, Critical Care Lead at our Trust, said: “The fact that nearly 90 per cent of Covid-19 patients in ICUs across north east London aren’t fully vaccinated clearly shows getting both doses of the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from becoming seriously ill.

“The Covid-19 patients currently in our ICUs are unlikely to have needed intensive care if they had been fully vaccinated. I’d encourage everyone to ensure you have both doses. Reducing the number of patients needing to be admitted to our ICUs will also reduce pressure on our already stretched staff.”  

Graphic showing the numbers of patients in ITU who are not fully vaccinated, 181, to those who are, 22

To protect yourself and your loved ones, and to reduce pressures on our hospitals, everyone who is eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine that hasn’t already had one is strongly advised to do so as soon as possible. Getting vaccinated will reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill with Covid-19, meaning you’re less likely to be admitted to hospital. This is better for you, will reduce pressures on hospitals and will lessen delays in care for other patients who need it.

You can receive a Covid-19 vaccine at the NHS Covid-19 vaccination centre on The Street at Westfield, seven days a week. For more information on other places to receive a vaccine, visit the North East London Commissioning Group website .

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