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Interested in volunteering?

Our volunteers are amazing. From meeting and greeting to helping our patients eat, they’re a lovely, caring bunch from all walks of life who make sure our patients have the very best experience while in hospital.

Our volunteers are great because they each bring their unique experience

Volunteering with us is incredibly rewarding and makes a huge difference to our patients and staff. With roles in public-facing areas, administration or even in the garden, we’ve got opportunities for everyone to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So if you’re over 16, want to make a difference to our patients and staff, and have some time to spare, why not join our brilliant army of volunteers?

We get lots of requests from awesome people like you, so your preferred role may not be available straightaway. To see which roles are currently available please visit our apply to be a volunteer page.

Visit our 2021 web guide to volunteering at our Trust

Become a volunteer: we need you

We are currently recruiting - visit our volunteer roles section for more information.

Volunteers must not assist with anything of a medical nursing nature, read patients’ medical files or share this information, assist with cleaning duties of any kind or repair any item of equipment. As a volunteer you are in a position of trust this should never be abused or used to advantage yourself or disadvantage a patient.

There are a number of different roles available for those wishing to volunteer. The following voluntary services below will help you to work out how you might like to get involved with our hospitals.

If you wish to apply for work experience please visit our work experience page.

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Was this page useful?