Work experience

At BHRUT we are excited to be able to offer face-to-face work experience placements at Queen’s Hospital and King George Hospital for those interested in a career in the NHS. We have access to a variety of placements across the Trust including clinical on non-clinical opportunities.

Which departments offer work experience?

Our programme runs throughout the year, Monday to Friday and is designed to give you the opportunity to see the world of work in healthcare.

You can request to gain work experience in a variety of professional groups and departments within the Trust, depending on availability and safety. We have many professions and departments within the programme, and this is continuously growing, some examples are listed in the table below. 

Professions and departments within the Trust


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List of professional groups.
Administration and corporate services  Adult nursing and specialist nursing  Anatomical pathology technician 
Children's nursing and play specialists  Clinical Engineer  Communications 

Data, Information Management and Technology 

(Information Analyst and Clinical Coder

Dietitian Health and Safety Officer 
Healthcare Science and Medical Physics  Medical Photography  Midwife
Early years practitioner  Occupational Therapist Pastoral care and spiritual services leader / Chaplain 
Pathologist Pharmacist Physiotherapist
Radiographer Research Nursing  Speech and Language Therapist 



Who is it for?

Young People can apply for work experience placements at BHRUT once they reach Year 11 which is aged 15/16 years old. We do not have an upper age limit for work experience.

We work with anyone who is resident or studies in Barking & Dagenham, Havering, or Redbridge and welcome applications from all types of backgrounds and abilities. We will accommodate reasonable adjustments where needed.

About the placement

On your placement you can expect to gain insights into the role you are shadowing. Staff will support you in understanding the day-to-day work and how it fits in with delivering excellent patient care. If the role is patient facing, with patient permission and if suitable, you will see first-hand how we deliver that care. You will have the opportunity to speak with a variety of staff and you should always ask questions.

You will be supported prior to the placement to plan your time with us and what is it you want to see, understand, and leave us with knowing more about.

We offer a maximum of 2 weeks placement, once per person in a yearly cycle. We will prioritise those that have not accessed opportunities before at BHRUT.

My placement experience 

I had an AMAZING day working alongside Ciarrai and other healthcare professionals within theatre. Everyone was lovely, very supportive and welcoming. I was able to observe the C- Sections of many different babies such as twins and those that are breech. It is definitely an opportunity that has been very insightful and would love to do again. 

Shantae Poyser - T Level Student Placement


Below are the essential criteria for the programme.

  • Study or reside in the following boroughs: Barking and Dagenham; Redbridge or Havering
  • Applicants must meet the minimum age requirement equivalent to a year 11 student. For some placements, the minimum age recommendation is 18 years old due to safety considerations. This will be clarified following your expression of interest.

How to apply

Complete and submit an application form here. We encourage participants to plan and apply for work experience a minimum of 8 weeks ahead of desired dates. When completing the form below please give as much detail as possible as this supports as in finding the best placements available for your interests.

You will need to have permission from your responsible adult if under 18 (under 25 in some circumstances), if you are in education, you will need their approval also.

If you meet all eligibility requirements, please complete, and submit the expression of interest form below.

An easy read expression of interest form is available upon request, please email us at:    

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