Complex Spine Surgery

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Complex spine surgery

We have a group of dedicated neurosurgical consultants who primarily deal with complex spinal conditions. Our team have all undertaken a highly sought after spinal fellowship in the UK and abroad and our spinal unit is one of the leading centres of minimally invasive spinal surgery in the country.

Our team are dedicated in providing the best possible patient centered care, pursuing outcome driven results aim to provide individualised spinal care. Our consultant team is supported by a group of junior trainee doctors, nurses, specialist nurses, doctor’s assistants and other allied health professionals. 

Conditions we commonly treat:

  • Minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Spinal trauma
  • Thoracic disc surgery
  • Spinal infection
  • Degenerative spinal disorders and deformity
  • Spinal tumours
  • Spinal instability
  • Congenital spinal conditions such as tethered cord
  • Ankylosing spondylitis

Our team provide the most advance treatment in management of spinal disorders using the most recent technological advances including image guidance, XLIF and imaging modalities in the field.

Key staff

Mr Babak Arvin: Consultant neurosurgeon and lead for complex spine surgery
Mr Anthony Ghosh: Consultant neurosurgeon
Mr Karoly David: Consultant neurosurgeon
Mr Rahul Dubey: Consultant neurosurgeon
Mr Ahmed Ibrahim: Consultant neurosurgeon

Dr Ana Mirallave Pescador
Dr Nazeer Mohammed
Mr James Wall

Dr Louise Dulley: Consultant oncologist
Dr Emma Staples: Consultant oncologist

Interventional neuroradiology
Dr Sanjiv Chawda: Consultant interventional neuroradiologist
Dr Shahram Derakhshani: consultant interventional neuroradiologist
Dr Raed Alkilani: Consultant interventional neuroradiologist

Spinal specialist nurses

Mr Robert Pollock – extension 6954

Ms Kelly Gross- Spinal oncology nurse

British spine registry data co-ordinator: Shepa Hussain

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MRI scanning

spine mri scanning

Lumbar canal stenosis 

spinal stenosis

cauda equina syndrome

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