Neurosurgery pre-assessment

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Nurse-led Pre-Assessment Clinic

We are here to help improve your experience/journey as a patient, and as possible to minimize your length of stay in hospital.

Any issues identified regarding your surgery and admission to hospital will be dealt accordingly.

Our aim is to make the admission process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your family.

What we do in Pre-Assessment Clinic?

At Pre-Assessment clinic you will be seen by a Nurse who will carry-out a health assessment to ensure that you are fit for surgery/investigation. It is important for you to attend this appointment otherwise it will delay your surgery.

During the Pre-Assessment consultation you and your family/next of kin will have the opportunity to discuss regarding your surgery. The nurse will explain to you any investigations you need to have before your surgery. ( ECG, Bloods, MRSA Screen and Scans)  It is essential that these investigations be carried out prior to your admission so it won’t cause any delays.

If the Nurse has any concerns with your health assessment she will inform the Doctors/team, and in any case you may need further investigations prior to your surgery.

On the Day of Admission

Your Pre-Assessment Nurse had already informed you not to eat and drink on the specified time before your admission. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to call us on the number below.

T: 01708 435000 | ext 2641

You will be asked to report to Day Surgery Unit on the day of your admission. Due to the high number of patients admitted thrugh Day Surgery Unit and to enable effective patient flow NO relatives allowed within the unit. However, Nurses will use their discretion regarding on all patients undergoing major surgery.

Please note that the admission time on your letter is NOT the time of the operation. Day Surgery staff requires enough time to complete all your admission documentations. You will also see your Surgeon and Anaesthetist respectively. Also the trust advise patients not to bring in valuable property as the trust will not take/ will accept no liability or responsibility for patient’s valuables.