Pituitary and skull base surgery

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Pituitary and skull base surgery

Our team of surgeons, physicians, nursing staff, technicians and support staff work together to produce the best outcomes for patients with conditions affecting the base of the skull and pituitary gland.

Conditions we commonly treat:

  • Pituitary disorders          
    • Pituitary adenomas
    • Craniopharyngioma
    • Pituitary cysts
    • Pituitary bleeds and apoplexy
  • Skull base disorders
    • Vestibular schwannoma ( acoustic neuroma)
    • Meningioma
    • Chondrosarcomas
    • Chordomas
    • Cholesterol granuloma
    • Fibrous dysplasia
    • Epidermoid and dermoid
    • Traumatic conditions
    • Trigeminal neuralgia


Surgery is often required where there are significant symptoms, a need for a tissue diagnosis or where there are signs of growth on serial scans. Surgery can be complex and lengthy, benefitting from the expertise of a dedicated team. We use the most up to date technological advancements in our theatre and we benefit from a highly qualified dedicated neurophysiology team for an extensive intra operative neuro monitoring during skull base operations.

Targeted radiotherapy is an important option in managing these conditions and for this we work closely with colleagues at Barts Health NHS Trust and Wellington Hospital Gamma Knife centre.

We have a close relationship with other relevant specialties such as plastic surgery team at Broomfield Hospital, Maxillo facial team, etc. We run a biweekly dedicated skull base Multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting during which we extensively discuss skull base patients who are referred to our team.

Key staff:


  • Mr Jonathan Pollock, consultant neurosurgeon and skull base surgery lead
  • Mr Alireza Shoakazemi,  consultant neurosurgeon

ENT team:

  • Mr Gaurav Kumar, consultant neurosurgeon
  • Mr Hesham Kadour, consultant neurosurgeon
  • Mr Ahmed Eweiss, consultant neurosurgeon

Neuro oncology

  • Dr Louise Dulley, consultant neuro oncologist


  • Dr Sanjiv Chawda, consultant neuroradiologist

Facial plastic surgery

  • Ms Kalliroi Tzafetta, consultant plastic surgeon
  • Mr Fateh Ahmed, consultant plastic surgeon

Maxillofacial and oculoplastic surgery

  • Dr Marta Garcia Vilaro, consultant oculoplastic surgeon
  • Mr Neil Shah, consultant maxillofacial surgeon


  • Mr James Wall
  • Dr Ana Mirallave Pescador

Skull base specialist nurse:

  • Sister Lindsey Lawrence

Important contacts:

  • Sister Lindsey Lawrence, specialist nurse in skull base and pituitary surgery 01708 503 842




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