Emergency Neuro Referrals

Neurosurgical On-Call Referrals

Please be aware that all emergency neurosurgery referrals to Neurosurgical department at Queen’s Hospital are made electronically via a secure on-line web system www.referapatient.org

How to do the referral on www.referapatient.org

  • Please access the webpage and select the “New referral” button and fill out the necessary information and clinical details. The website is self-explanatory and once you have completed the referral form, please submit the referral. You will find our Hospital under Barking Havering and Redbridge University Hospital.
  • The on-call neurosurgery registrar will be informed of the referral and will review and respond at the earliest opportunity.
  • The response will be received via secure email you have provided a the time of referral. We request you use nhs.net email address during your referral.  
  • Should you wish to discuss with our neurosurgery specialist registrar oncall whilst completing a referral, please follow below steps:
  • Call Queen’s Hospital switchboard on 0108435000
  • Ask for the 'On Call Neurosurgery Registrar' or dial their bleep number 6177 via the automated system.
  • Due to other clinical commitments they may be unable to answer your call immediately. Please wait for a reply.

Since the transfer of scans for review by our oncall team can sometimes take time, please ensure you contact your PACS transfer team or radiographer oncall as soon as the scan is performed to send all relevant images via Image Exchange Portal(IEP) or other methods of immediate transfer based on your local trust policy.

Please ensure all the relevant information ( Past medical history, medication, etc.) is provided in a great details to enable us a timely decision about your referral.

Tumour referrals

All patients with a newly diagnosed or suspected brain or spine tumours should be discussed with our oncall team and additionally a referral form to neuro oncology MDT needs to be completed. Our oncall team will guide you about this process.